Dr. Mia Gatt – DMSc, PA-C

Dr. Mia Gatti, DMSc, PA-CDr. Mia Gatt~ DMSc, PA-C

Dr. Mia Gatt is a board-certified dermatology and dermasurgery physician assistant, who graduated with highest honors in her doctorate of medical sciences (OMS) program with an emphasis in dermatology and research. Dr. Gatti’s specialties include general excisions, clinical research, biopsies, diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic conditions, and skin cancer detection.She has solely performed over 10,000+ surgeries to this date.

With a deep interest in contributing to improvements in
dermatology treatments and surgical techniques, Dr. Gatti, DMSc,
PA-C, has been performing clinical research for over a decade. She
has participated as an Investigator in over 100+ dermatologic trials.
Her research and trials are world-renowned as she is a published
author in skin cancer research in many respected, peer-reviewed
dermatology journals.

Dr. Gatti decided to pursue medicine as a career path so she could
positively impact patients’ lives and the healthcare industry. Dr.
Gatti’s love for her job emanates from the transformative impact
she can have on her patients’ lives. Whether it’s diagnosing and
treating skin conditions, performing complex procedures, or
providing valuable advice for skin care routines, she relishes the
opportunity to make a difference. In her interactions with patients,
Dr. Gatti creates a safe and welcoming environment, encouraging
open communication and building trusting relationships.

After doing some research on ED (electrodessication) for removal of my multiple tumors (I have NF1). I was scheduled with Dr. Mia Gatti who was an absolute wonder and gave me piece of mind the second I met her. She answered all my questions about the procedure and told me exactly what she was going to do. The day of my procedure I was nervous but was completely put at ease by Dr. Gatti. She was extremely helpful and talked through everything she was doing as she was doing it. Her hands were gentle and her bedside manner was the best I’ve had from any doctor I have ever seen. She genuinely cares about her patients and truly shows she loves what she does. Her lovely nurse was so helpful as well. They made me feel like they had been my friends for years. I’ll be continuing treatment with them and I’ll never go anywhere else for any of my dermatological needs.

MIMI – San Diego, CA

Just been taken care of by Mia Gatti!! What a gem. I have psoriasis and she is extremely well versed in this field. Was concerned as there are many bad reviews on yelp. I am so pleased that I was referred to her as at last i have someone to take care of my needs. Mia took her time to speak to me, did not rush and she is warm and caring. I am so relieved to at last find someone to help me.

GABBY – Costa Mesa, CA